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These case studies utilized the comprehensive reporting along with specific dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations that will be used for you.

Anxiety & Poor Concentration

    In just 2 months:

  • Night sweats nearly gone

  • Increased energy

  • Excessive hunger under control

  • No depression symptoms

  • Off all 5 medications

Environmental Allergies

    Through 8 months

  • Off 4 medications

  • No need for inhaler for 7 months

  • Reduced inflammation

  • No seasonal allergy issues

Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

    In just 3 months:

  • Triglycerides down 129 points

  • Increased energy

  • Off all 6 medications

  • Glucose level dropped from 274 to 120

  • Thyroid showing improvement

  • Lost 30lbs

Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

    In just 3 months:

  • Liver Enzymes Within Normal Ranges

  • Thyroid Steadily Improving

  • Allergies Improved


  • Dismissed By Neurologist

  • Down To Just 1 Medication

  • Thyroid Nodule Disappeared

Alzheimers Disease

    In just 4 months:

  • Memory Improving

  • Anxiety and stress reduced

  • Able to concentrate

  • Sense of humor returning

  • No longer depressed

  • More animated

Breast Cancer

    In just 2 weeks:

  • Tumor marker dropped 106.9 points

  • Patient refused Chemo & Radiation therapy due to outstanding results

  • Blood pressure shows improvement


  • CA 27.29 has dropped to 19.5!

Kidney Cancer

    In just 6 months:

  • No longer needs inhaler

  • Tumor has nearly stabilized

  • 56 year old patient felt as good as he did at age 30

Liver Cancer

    In just 3 months:

  • Cancer marker PLUNGED from 4,163 to 128

  • Patient can sleep through the night

  • Off 2 medications

  • Multiple Liver Pulmonary Nodules gone

  • No growth in other nodules

  • Reached a healthy weight

Multiple Sclerosis

    In just 5 months:

  • Can walk up/down stairs

  • More independent

  • Off all medications

  • Vision improving

  • Able to walk on toes

  • Increased energy


    After parasite cleanse:

  • Fever gone

  • Hormone problems resolved

  • Off all medications

  • No sensitivity to light

Rosacea, Chronic Fatigue & Poor Digestion

    In just 4.5 months:

  • Rosacea gone

  • Better digestion

  • Memory and concentration improving

  • Increased energy

  • Diarrhea subsided

  • Anxiety significantly reduced

Viral Warts

    In just 3 months:

  • All warts gone

  • Lost 45lbs

  • Increase in energy

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